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Brand guidelines are vital for keeping the deployment of a brand both consistent and professional - providing a set of rules that help ensure your brand appears and is used in the way that it was intended.

In turn, they help ensure your brand is displayed in a consistent way both internally and by third parties. From the exact colour palette employed in the logo, to the font used in your strapline or the tone-of-voice applied in external communications, brand guidelines are an essential document in the management of one of your businesses most valuable assets.

Crucially, they guarantee none of the strategic advantages or integrity of the original design is lost, wherever and however the brand is used.

Key areas a brand guidelines document will typically cover include:

  • Versions
  • Colour palette
  • Usage
  • Fonts
  • Strapline
  • Imagery
  • Application
  • Tone of voice

By their very nature, brand guidelines need to be regularly updated as your brand evolves over time.

For more information about this or any of our branding services, please just pick up the phone and speak to our brand consultancy team.

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