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In every organisation regardless of its size, there will be a time when it needs to communicate important business decisions and information, often challenging and sensitive for those tasked with their communication and distribution.

Typically, there are two phases to the process. Firstly, the company strategy i.e. what it hopes to achieve and how it plans to go about achieving it. This process is often summarised as ‘Tell, Sell, Consult and Involve’.

Secondly and as importantly, the strategy required for delivering this process which encompasses identifying the appropriate ‘Market, Message, Media and Measurement’.

As an agency, we’ll advise on how to structure and deliver any business information, to ensure your team are fully informed and remain engaged and positive about your company.

The areas we can assist with include:

  • Employee engagement
  • Staff relocation
  • Change management
  • Benefits communication
  • Internal marketing

For further details on this and any of our other branding specialities, please get in touch with our specialist brand consultancy team, for an initial discussion about your requirements.

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