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Our Challenge

We’ve had a great time working with The Upham Group since it was launched in 2012.

Having bought the small craft-beer set-up at Upham Brewery, the directors’ aim was to develop and expand the brewery’s output, with barrel-loads of new beer brands.

At the same time they would establish a portfolio of quality pub restaurants, most with accommodation, throughout the south of England.

Our brief was an exciting, yet challenging one, bringing numerous different Upham strands together - brewery, individual beers and pub estate – in an attractive and appealing brand ‘family’.

Having our client meetings in their brew-house and all their great new pubs has been a bit of a chore – but hey, we’ve managed!

What We Delivered

  • Brand Strategy

    For the parent Upham Group brand, plus their individual pubs

  • Logo Design

    Distinctive, yet cohesive brand identities for all Upham's properties

  • Print Design

    Including menus, stationery, magazine adverts and fliers

  • Website Design

    For all Upham Group pubs, using the Wordpress CMS

  • Photography

    Of the various pubs plus Upham Brewery itself, as well as delicious-looking menu items

Graphic Design

The Brand

We wanted to help Upham underpin their ambitious plans with a new company brand fit for the 21st Century but with a nod to their heritage and the character of the region in which they are so proudly based.

The brewery was established in the grounds of Stakes Farm, in the heart of rural Hampshire. It hosts an equestrian centre and is surrounded by rolling countryside, with numerous high-profile race-courses and lots of polo clubs and other ‘horsey’ pursuits.

The equine theme was a lovely opportunity for exploration in brand terms, from the company profile to the sets of beers we knew were going to be rolled out over the following years.

Our clean, striking font, with the outlined horse leaping confidently over the ‘H-fence’ of Upham has quickly established the instantly recognisable impact of the brand throughout the industry and beer-drinking market throughout the region and beyond. It also hints at ‘Hampshire’, another brand theme.

Developing the Concepts

The crisp, quirky style has guided the numerous other brands we’ve developed for Upham and helped it grow into the most successful expanding pub group in the south of England.

Each new pub has its own distinctive theme within that overarching style, reflecting the unique charm and character of the individual places, which is what attracts Upham in the first place. This is a family of pubs, with consistent appeal, quality food and superb accommodation – but it’s no ‘chain’ and our designs reflect that philosophy.

Beer brands have been developed in sets of brews, including several in the horse-racing ‘stable’ and others that play on the changing seasons.

We’ve designed and produced a host of materials for Upham, from pump clips and bar towels, to wine-lists, stationery, signage, wall-art and stadium adverts.

Digital Design

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