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Our Challenge

Plunger is a brand new emergency plumbing service which launched in the London area in 2016, with a view to roll out across the UK.

Fat Media were approached to create the brand in its entirety, including a trading name, logo design and tone of voice. We went on to apply this visual identity to a brand new Umbraco website design and development project.

Since the launch, we have continued to work closely with the Plunger team, on a range of digital marketing initiatives including Search Engine Optimisation and Performance Media campaigns.

What We Delivered

  • Name generation

  • Brand identity design

  • Brand mascot design

  • Website design & development

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Paid search campaigns

Graphic Design

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The Brand

The word Plunger was chosen due to its playful nature and its obvious links to a piece of extremely recognisable plumbing equipment. A rounded typeface was selected to reflect the more humorous angle, and also add an approachable, human angle. Meanwhile, the marque’s shield shape connotes trust and authority – all vital emotions to be connected to an emergency plumbing brand.

Developing the Concepts

With a fun brand name, we thought a character-based approach would be apt – leading to the creation of Pete The Plunger! A playful character used as a mascot to illustrate the company’s various service offerings. You’ll find him in various scenarios across the Plunger site, and we like to think he’d have a friendly Cockney accent.

Digital Design

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Responsive, thoughtful interface design

As Plunger’s services are available 24/7, accessibility was a vital requirement. Clearly defined service sections help customers find the right information for their needs quickly and simply, while the postcode search functionality enables them to find their nearest plumber.

For maximum ease of use, we implemented a sticky header on the mobile site (as well as its desktop counterpart) which includes a click-to-call button. This means mobile visitors have only to click the button to get in touch with an emergency plumber.

Plunger animation

Added Animations

To continue the fun, friendly nature of the brand (and Pete!) we implemented plenty of parallax animation on the Plunger site, giving subtle movement to headers, backgrounds and Pete himself as you scroll down the page.

The Plunger brand takes an informal and friendly approach to the emergency plumbing industry - differentiating it from the competition.

Digital Marketing Support

To increase the impact of the launch of the site, and the brand as a whole, we enlisted the expertise of our SEO and PPC teams. Paid search adverts were particularly appropriate for this brand, as a high organic listing is always a challenge for a new brand! We took advantage of location-based advert targeting in our strategy, to maximise conversion rate.

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