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Published: 08 Jun 2015




We’re proud to announce that we have made the final of the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Awards 2015. In the 40-99 staff category, we have been shortlisted for the Best Optimisation Award.

Sorry, we’ve stopped blowing our own trumpet now.

The Recommended Agency Awards

Entering into its second year, the RAR awards are viewed as some of the most prestigious in the industry because they are based solely on client feedback. For this reason, the awards focus on recognising those agencies that have attained the very highest levels of customer service.

The awards are given based on the ratings collected across key criteria such as effectiveness and value for money. Therefore, we feel our nomination is a reflection of how our clients value our work and the effort we put into making this business a success.

Alright, we’ll stop now. The trumpet is back in its box.

The Importance of Optimisation

As the industry has developed over the past two years, there’s been a lot to take in. From changes of focus to SEO to content marketing to digital marketing as a whole, it can be easy to forget the basics.

On-site optimisation is still as important as ever for helping Google to understand what search terms your webpages are relevant to, and it’s the foundation of the work we do. Without good optimisation, your webpages will be lost & drowning at the bottom of the SERPs.

Comprehensive, in-depth keyword research is where we start and this gives us information on relevant search terms, but also, insight into the amount of search volume and the competitive nature of each phrase. This allows us to formulate a strategic approach to optimisation – carefully constructing titles and meta-descriptions so that they are suitable for both search engines and users.

More Than Just a Title

Optimisation, however, isn’t just about the snippet of text you see in the search results. It has to continue deeper into headings, copy & anchor text to craft the perfectly optimised page that will drive relevant traffic to your site, without looking like a page a keyword stuffing monster has created.

Optimisation is a finely balanced craft that we pride ourselves on. It might not be the latest bells and whistles but it’s the bedrock of good online marketing and is neglected at your peril.

If you think your website is in dire need of some expert optimisation to increase your organic traffic, find more information on our technical SEO agency services and enquire with us today. Talk to us about how we can help grow your business by getting in touch.

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