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Published: 09 Feb 2015

From a polar bear travelling through London to a policeman dancing to ‘Shake It Off’, here are January’s 15 must-read posts from the world of digital marketing.

The list includes the 15 most shared posts relating to content marketing, digital PR, PPC, SEO and social media. So, which posts made the grade? Read on to find out.

Most Shared Content Marketing Posts

1. Great Project Management Apps – and How Your Business Can Use Them

There are a countless number of apps available that allow colleagues to communicate with one another across projects. In this post, Chuck Cohn, the Founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors, describes the apps that he likes the most and how to get the most out of them. (Number of shares: 10, 301)

Read the full post published by Forbes.

2. Do You Really Need That Exclamation Point?

For writers trying to spark people’s interest on the web, it can be easier to use punctuation to do the job that words are supposed to do. This post, written by Beth Dunn, provides a flowchart that illustrates when it’s appropriate to use the often controversial exclamation mark! (Number of shares: 10, 246)

Read the full post published by Hubspot.

3. 25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

It will come as a surprise to no-one that WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. In this post, entrepreneur John Rampton lists 25 reasons why your business – if it hasn’t already – should start using WordPress too. (Number of shares: 8,605)

Read the full post published by Entrepreneur.

Most Shared Digital PR Posts

4. A Giant Polar Bear Took the Tube in London Today

We’ve all encountered a polar bear while running for a train, right? Well, you might have if you were in London during January. As a PR stunt to promote their new TV show, Fortitude, Sky Atlantic helped a replica polar bear make his way across the city of London. (Number of shares: 12,387)

Read the full post published by Mashable.

5. How to Be Your Own PR Machine

If you own a start-up, PR can provide an invaluable way of increasing brand awareness and gaining new customers. David Chait, entrepreneur and owner of the start-up Travefy, uses this post to provide a series of tips for turning yourself into a PR machine. (Number of shares: 5,324)

Read the full post published by Entrepreneur.

6. Learning a Foreign Language Called Public Relations

The dot-com boom of the late nineties and early noughties was a time of great excess, fuelled by unsustainable growth. In this article, John D. Wagner tells his story – one that describes being pulled from relative obscurity to work in public relations for an ultimately doomed multi-million dollar tech company. (Number of shares: 2,470)

Read the full post published by The New York Times.

Most Shared PPC Posts

7. The Secret to AdWords Success, Told by a Former Googler

Do you want to know the secret to success in AdWords? In short: there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. But in this article, former Googler Frederick Vallaeys reveals his checklist for successfully managing his AdWords campaigns. (Number of shares: 2,454)

Read the full post published by Search Engine Land.

8. Site Speed & PPC Performance: Why You Can’t Ignore a Slow Site Anymore

Ever since Google made site speed a ranking factor, the web has been awash with advice and tips from SEO professionals. But Pauline Jakober uses this article to suggest that paid search marketers now need to pay just as much attention to site speed too. (Number of shares: 2,281)

Read the full post published by Search Engine Land.

9. 5 Key Reasons Why Paid Search Should Be Part of Your Inbound Strategy

With online reviews and feedback on social media, the modern consumer is now better informed than ever. Inbound marketing is about nurturing the buyer through this process towards making a purchase. And, according to Diane Pease, PPC should now be an integral part of your inbound strategy (Number of shares: 1,612).

Read the full post published by Search Engine Watch.

Most Shared SEO Posts

10. Why SEO Is Much Easier Than You Think

The tactics involved in effective search engine optimisation are constantly evolving. As such, many practices have become obsolete, replaced by modern strategies which focus on user experience. In this post, Jayson Demers describes why modern SEO strategies may be simpler than you think. (Number of shares: 5,878)

Read the full post published by Entrepreneur.

11. Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings to Huge Number of Webmasters

Google has begun the year by sending mass notifications to webmasters who have sites that are not mobile-friendly. As such, many are speculating that the search engine giant will soon release a mobile ranking algorithm that will favour mobile-friendly websites. (Number of shares: 4,753)

Read the full post published by Search Engine Land.

12. How Social and Mobile Work with SEO

Do you wonder how traditional SEO strategies fit with social media marketing and mobile marketing methods? This post by John Rampton will tell you how combining the three disciplines can provide a better return on investment for your total marketing efforts. (Number of shares: 4,350)

Read the full post published by Forbes.

Most Shared Social Media Posts

13. Video of a Cop Jamming to ‘Shake It Off’ Is Just Perfect

If you’ve avoided Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ up to now, you’ve either embarked upon a full media blackout or recently taken residence on the moon. This post describes how Cpl. Jeff Davis of the Dover Police Department in Delaware used a video of himself dancing to the song to generate publicity for his police department. (Number of shares: 228, 474)

Watch the video and read the full post published by Mashable.

14. Facebook Copyright Hoax Goes Viral Again

Unfortunately, for all the positives it provides, social media is a beacon for those looking to scam people. This post draws attention to a fake copyright message first seen in 2012, which has once again been going around Facebook. (Number of shares: 125, 970)

Read the full post published by ABC News.

15. Study Links Selfies to Narcissism and Psychopathy

Whether you like them or not, selfies are a pretty harmless social media-fuelled craze, yeah? According to new research that surveyed 800 men between the ages of 18 to 40, selfies may not be as harmless as they appear.

Read the full post published by Huffington Post.

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