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Published: 08 Apr 2015

From a future where even Google engineers don’t know what’s in their ranking algorithm to Quokka selfies, here are March’s most shared posts from the world of digital marketing.

The list includes 15 must-read posts across content marketing, digital PR, PPC, SEO and social media. So, which posts made the grade? Read on to find out.

Content Marketing

1. Ad Of The Day: Geico Makes Clever Preroll Ads That Are Basically Unskippable

You know those YouTube preroll ads that nobody ever watches after the first five enforced seconds? Part of the reason for this collective apathy is that most preroll ads are lifted straight from TV and are therefore unsuited to the digital medium.

This post, published by Adweek, describes how Geico has rolled out some fun new digital ads that put the emphasis on the first five seconds – making them basically unskippable.

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2. The Secrets Of Writing Smart, Long-form Articles That Go Absolutely Viral

Tired of an Internet that is seemingly awash with a constant stream of content without substance? Well, it seems you’re not the only one. In recent years, countless professional writers have gone on record lamenting the perceived ‘BuzzFeedification’ of the Internet.

It doesn’t need to be this way, though. In this article, Michael Grothaus describes an alternate universe where informative long-form can go viral too.

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3. A Simple Formula For Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles

Creating fresh and click-able headlines for your blog post is the best way you can help it to go viral. However, this is something that is easier said than done.

In this post, Corey Eridon outlines his simple formula that will provide you with a shortcut for creating kick-ass blog titles.

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Digital PR

4. Two Things You Need To Sync Content Calendars Across Search, Social & PR Teams

The modern digital marketing agency consists of many individual but complementary departments – for example, different content, social and PR teams.

In this post, Kevin Gibbons explains how and why synchronising the tasks carried out by these separate teams can help them work towards achieving the same goals.

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5. Digital, Social Media Marketing And PR Instagram ‘Wait and See’

According to the Pew Research Centre, around half of all internet-using young adults (people aged 18-29) use Instagram. However, many marketers find the platform difficult to use because of restricted access that makes automation problematic.

For these reasons, Jeremy Harris Lipschultz uses this post to describe why Instagram is still a ‘wait and see’ platform for the majority of digital marketing, advertising and public relations professionals.

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6. Local News In A Digital Age

In an increasingly globalised world, local news still matters the most to residents that live in a particular location. That said, like all media, technology is changing the way local news is disseminated.

This post by the journalism and media staff of Pew Research Centre outlines research that evaluates how local people access and digest news in the digital age.

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7. UK First Country In World Where Half Of All Ad Spend Is On Digital Media

According to eMarketer, digital marketing spending in the UK is set to reach £8.1bn this year. For this reason, the UK is now the first county in the world where half of all spending on advertisng is on digital media such as PPC.

In this post on The Guardian website, Mark Sweney provides more detail about this trend while using the UK as a benchmark to compare ad spend across the world.

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8. Google Launches AdWords App For Android

In keeping with Google’s recent endeavours to make everything mobile-friendly, the search giant have launched an Android app for AdWords.

In this article, Ginny Marvin puts the meat on the bones of this breaking news.

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9. 3 Awesome Things You Can Do With The AdWords Dimensions Tab

Is the Dimensions tab a feature of AdWords that you wouldn’t be able to live without?  In this article, Pauline Jakober, with the help of her team, outlines three essential tasks you can do via the dimensions tab that can help you manage a PPC account more easily.

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10. What Deep Learning And Machine Learning Mean For The Future Of SEO

Did you know that Google are ploughing money into machine learning capabilities? This would mean that sometime in the near future, machines could define outcomes on their own, and even Google’s top engineers won’t know what’s in their search algorithm. All sounds a bit Terminator-esque, doesn’t it?

In this article, Rand Fishkin of Moz uses his Whiteboard Friday platform to dissect and analyse Google’s machine learning capabilities in more detail.

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11. How Big Is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm? Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin

According to Zineb Ait Bahajji from Google’s Webmaster Trends team, the company’s forthcoming mobile-friendly algorithm (launching 21 April) will have a bigger impact on search than Panda or Penguin. Well, that news should be enough to send a shiver down the spine of most search marketers.

Take a look at the full Search Engine Land article, or for our take on this news, read our post: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Be Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin

12. Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Week, Be A Yes/No Response & More

In news that is related to the post above, Google have confirmed that their forthcoming mobile-friendly algorithm will roll out over the course of a week.  What’s more, there will be no degrees or level of mobile-friendliness: your site will  either be mobile-friendly or it won’t. Full stop.

Read the full post by Barry Schwartz.

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Social Media

13. Groupon Posted This Product on Facebook, Then Replied To Everyone Who Made a Sex Joke

Last month, the social media team at Groupon created a huge amount of social media buzz with a Facebook post about a phallic shaped fruit container dubbed the Banana Bunker. Every time someone took to social media to comment on the Banana’s resemblance to something ‘fruity’, Groupon responded, which caused the post to go viral.

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14. Quokka Selfie Is Cutest Trend In Australia Right Now

In case you’re unaware, the Quokka is a marsupial native to Australia. Now, this perpetually happy-looking and adorable animal has become the centrepiece of the latest selfie craze to hit social media.

View a collection of Quokka selfies and read the full post

15. Too Much Facebook Leads To Envy And Depression

A recent study by Nanyang Technological University, Bradley University and the University of Missouri Columbia has revealed that heavy users of Facebook can experience envy, which can lead to extreme sadness.

This post, published on the CNN Money website, provides more details of this potentially worrying research.

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