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Published: 23 Mar 2015

Since the Internet became an open shop floor for millions of businesses to sell their goods to the masses, we've seen many techniques that help get the upper hand over our competitors.

Many of these techniques have revolved around the effectiveness of SEO services and PPC management, generating traffic through natural and paid listings, whilst having the means to understand how people are engaging with your product through analytics.

In recent years, we’ve also seen the impact that social media marketing has had in terms of greater engagement, opening doors, and reducing the distance in communication. With so many social networks to choose from, with millions of people to reach, social media has become a valuable tool for not just the user, but also the organisation.

Testing User Experience Across Devices

You may often see and hear the term “User Experience” or “UX”, as if it were shouted from the rooftops, but it’s quite clear that there are common misconceptions about what UX is.

Without going in to much depth, UX is not just about designing a product or making it usable. It’s about understanding the reasoning behind why that product should exist in the first place. This comes from an understanding of both the organisation’s and the user’s needs, desires, and expectations before the product can be furthered.

Why invest in UX?

From the perspective of stakeholders in a business considering hiring a UX Design agency, the common questions tend to revolve around what the return on investment, or ROI, is.

A well performed UX process will identify strengths and weaknesses in your product, provide you with a highly accurate understanding of your target audience, knowing what they want, what they need, and what they expect from your product will help you inform better design decisions, creating successful products that provide a ROI.

In a world gone digital, knowledge is power. Those who know their customers, listen to their customers and serve their customers will be the market leaders of tomorrow and it all starts with understanding the user experience.

Improved Product Experience

The UX process can remove subjective reasoning from the product development cycle, creating a pure user centred eco-system, where products can be designed effectively, and objectively.

Increased Conversions

When users find a product intuitive they enjoy it more, so understanding user trends and behaviours will help raise conversion rates.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Nothing is more important than good customer service. In both digital and real world scenarios, this practice can make or break a business. Understanding the human factors behind the product can help you shape a better customer experience.

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