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There’s certainly no shortage of tools and resources to help you in your content marketing efforts. In fact, without exercising due caution, you could find yourself crushed under the sheer weight (roughly equivalent to that of an adult rhinoceros) of content marketing advice that’s available online.

To save you from having to wade through a near-infinite number of articles, infographics, flowcharts and explainer videos, below we’ve curated the best of the best content marketing tools and resources.

Some are taken from around the web and others from own training materials, and they’re divided into specific areas within the overall content marketing discipline.

Here are the topics you can sink your teeth into (we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks):

Understanding The Psychology of BuyingNailing User ExperienceOptimising Your YouTube ChannelCreating Killer InfographicsThe Best Creative AppsUnderstanding Emotional Marketing.

  • Psychology of Buying 101
  • User Experience 101
  • Infographics 101
  • YouTube Channel Success 101
  • Creative Apps 101
  • Emotional Marketing 101

This series of posts was originally published through our Google Plus page. Hook up with us on Google Plus here). We’ve pulled all the posts together here for easy reference.


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