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Fat Media have recently launched a new bespoke website and a range of branded packaging for a unique product which looks set to revolutionise the medical world.

We first started working with Surgihoney in 2010, the product is owned by Healing Honey International and has been created by father and son team, Ian and Stuart Staples after Ian, a former Managing Director at Halfords, turned beekeeper with access to a special breed of bees on the family honey farm in Chile.

The story of Surgihoney’s development started with the question – "why doesn’t nectar in bee hives ferment?” Concluding that it was nature's anti-microbial solution that was universally present and had continued to work for millions of years, Ian, Stuart and the team found a way to control that reaction and Surgihoney, a sterile, medical grade, anti-microbial honey to treat ‘topical wounds’ was born.

As the product nears commercial availability, Fat Media have carried out further creative work on the brand, including packaging designs for general medical and battlefield use which have been completed along with a fully responsive website.

The new website design focuses on a clear explanation of the science behind Surgihoney, alongside links to published medical papers and media coverage.

It has been an exciting project for the team to work on with both parties delighted at the outcome.

The new site and branding is set to raise the profile of the product even more following Surgihoney’s feature in The Guardian newspaper's Innovation Series in January 2014 with an article, "Why superhoney is the 'bees knees' for wounds and infections.” The series highlighted 12 of the most eye-catching innovations in the developing world over the past year that offer the potential to improve lives.

To find out further information about Surgihoney and the company’s exciting plans for the future, visit the links below: 

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