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Lancaster Castle’s dark history has been unlocked for the world to learn about, thanks to an attractive, atmospheric new website created by Fat Media.

Working with our clients and owners of the castle, The Duchy of Lancaster, we were appointed as Lancaster Castle’s marketing agency this time last year.

The Fat Media team organised and publicised the event that marked the opening of the gates of the castle to the public in May 2013, attracting local, regional and national media coverage.

We’ve created a smart new brand for Lancaster Castle, utilising the Duchy’s traditional coat of arms and have designed a suite of promotional materials for historical re-enactment, bank holiday, Harvest, Halloween and Christmas events throughout 2013 and into this year.

All the while we’ve been busy working on the design and development of a brand new website which was launched this week, giving a worldwide audience a new perspective on what will become an increasingly popular visitor attraction over coming years.

A glimpse into the history of Lancaster Castle and its use as a place of punishment offers a revealing insight into the nation's changing attitudes towards crime in general, as well as religious and cultural beliefs through the centuries.

The castle has been the scene of notable trials (including the notorious Lancashire Witches), scores of executions and has housed prisoners of various categories until as recently as 2011.

The branding, promotion and particularly the new website presents Lancaster Castle as a unique venue for fascinating guided tours as well as a fabulous filming venue with the distinct environments of historic, high-walled castle and recently vacated working prison, with austere multi-storey walkways and heavy, bolted doors to authentic cells.

Lancaster Castle also welcomes corporate events, has a great gift shop and features the excellent Nice @ The Castle cafe, open seven days a week and offering delicious meals and snacks, with a classic Lancastrian taste. Visit the new Lancaster Castle website at

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