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What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Unlike a regular newsletter, an automated email is set-up once and then the system automatically sends it out based the pre-defined triggers. This could be someone signing up to a marketing list or when a customer makes a purchase.

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing channels a business can invest in. For some organisations however, the thought of drafting email after email feels them with dread.

But fear not, email marketing automation is the ideal solution for any time sensitive business large and small.

While newsletters and one-off campaigns will always have their place in your email marketing strategy, the smartest companies are starting to set-up automatic email campaigns that trigger from a user’s actions.

In the UK the open rates for automated messages are considerably higher than a regular campaign:

  • B2C marketers who utilise automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%

  • Automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages

Automated emails are timely, personalised and relevant to the reader. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently and drive visits and revenue for your business.

Three Examples of Email Automation You Should Try

1. Lead nurturing workflows – Multiple top-of-the funnel conversions

If a contact has downloaded several pieces of your top-of-the-funnel content or regularly engaged with your brand. Perhaps it is time to lead that contact further down the funnel with middle-of-the-funnel content.

2. Blog subscriber welcome workflow – Main trigger: subscription to your blog

Welcome new subscribers to your blog with a welcome email and thank them for taking the time to read your blog. Offer them tailored content based on their preferences.

3. New customer welcome workflow – Main trigger: buying lifestyle stage

Consider setting up a series of welcome emails to when a contact converts to a paying customer. Especially if your product/service requires some training on your customers’ part.

Sales Focused Email Automation

According to a reports, 60% of survey respondents who use marketing automation say it has increased the quality of the leads that get passed to sales. Leads that go through automated workflows have a 23% shorter sales cycle. Imagine what your sales team could do with 23% more time?

It's also a great addition to ecommerce sites - take our client Monty Bojangles, for example. 

Using a WooCommerce integration we connected Monty’s site with MailChimp and created an abandoned basket email which was automatically trigger 24 hours after someone had left the site. The email used the WooCommerce transactional data feed to display the products a customer had left and offered a 10% discount on the order. 

It achieves on average a 46% open rate and 13% click through - which has lead to hundreds of pounds in orders that would otherwise have been lost!

Email Automation Software

These days most email marketing platforms have an automation tool. However, not all email automation tools are built equal.

Choosing the right email marketing platform and ultimately, the right automation tool, will all depend on what the business needs. Some platforms like our very own Fatmail, offer a more ‘simplistic solution’ which doesn’t require any coding knowledge in order to build campaigns and can be set-up and running in a matter of hours.

On the other end of spectrum is Adestra, our enterprise level email marketing solution partner. Adestra’s sophisticated automation tool allows the user to create complex multi-funnel journey, where hundreds of different triggers can be set-up in order to push a subscriber further down the automation funnel.

Get in touch with our specialist email marketing team today to learn more about how email automation could benefit your business.

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  • We have consistently enjoyed working with every member of the Fat Media team. They're a top-class digital agency, and quickly grasped the technical aspects of our industry with their work on our social media channels. They have always provided exactly what we needed. We would recommend them to anyone.

    Daniel Lightfoot, Business Manager UK & Ireland Syngenta UK
  • At The Daffodil Hotel & Spa we have a strong brand direction and we knew what we wanted from our site with Fat Media. Working with the team to design such an impressive, CTA focused site has been a great experience.

    Laura Wolstenholme, Head of Sales & Marketing, Daffodil Hotel & Spa
  • I’ve been delighted with Fat Media’s web development skills and their flexibility in meeting our requirements. With their help we updated our website presentation layer, added responsive mobile, added a new Content Management System, changed our Airport Property management System and migrated across to a new hosting environment. All without any major hitches.

    Fergus Boyd, IT Director, Yotel
  • We had the pleasure of working with the team at Fat Media in the development of our new recruitment website. They made the whole project very easy for us and nothing was too much trouble. We were on time and on-budget but most importantly they delivered a really creative solution in keeping with our brand - we were thrilled with the results. We have a clean contemporary recruitment website which makes learning more about life at Lakeland very accessible to applicants.

    Suzanne Allen, People & Business Support Manager, Lakeland
  • Working with Fat Media has been a pleasure from start to finish – their enthusiasm for creating a brilliant new website starts in the initial briefing and runs throughout the project. They are always on hand to provide guidance and provide solutions quickly. They have a friendly yet professional approach and deliver to expectations and time scales. Looking forward to working with them on the next project!

    Emily McCoid, Marketing Manager, Bells of Lazonby
  • The Digital Advertising team at Fat Media did a highly professional and intuitive job from start to finish, and are a pleasure to work with. They took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve, develop detailed analysis which was then evolved based on the data emerging throughout our campaign, and, by them continuously optimising the mix of channels, formats and styles, the results far surpassed our expectations – so much so that we have already set a higher budget for our next campaign.

    Iain Corby, Director of Operations & Development, Gamble Aware
  • Having worked with Fat Media on various projects over the last 18 months, I have been delighted with not just the quality of the finished work but also the innovative and creative approach taken in response to any brief. They have really helped us to bring the Lancaster University brand to life.

    Clare Riding, Head of Marketing, Lancaster University
  • Fat Media have done excellent work designing and building our new retail website in Magento. Throughout the process all of their staff have proven to be helpful, informed and proactive. A great experience all round!

    David Lindsay, IT Manager, Royal Mile Whiskies
  • We've worked with Fat Media for many years now and have always found that they'll go above and beyond to accommodate our requests. As our teams have grown together we've developed a strong working relationship based on a great deal of trust and the team have gone to great lengths to understand the market in which we operate to find ways that they can best meet our needs.

    Annabel Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager, Foresight
  • We appointed Fat Media to work with us on the rebranding and positioning of Atlantic Geomatics, as well as to develop for us a website that would support business growth as one of the leading Geospatial Companies in the North of England and Scotland.

    The quality of work delivered by Fat Media across all aspects of our brief, has provided Atlantic Geomatics with the confidence and support needed to help us grow as a business and meet our marketing and commercial objectives.

    We look forward to continuing to work with Fat Media as our marketing partner.

    Oliver Viney, Business Manager, Atlantic Geomatics
  • We worked very closely with Fat Media to make sure all key elements of the site were quickly accessible and found the perfect balance between design elements and user experience.

    Gareth O'Rourke, E-marketing Manager, Pure Leisure
  • It was as pleasure to work with Fat Media on developing our new website this year. They were proactive, creative and very practical with their proposals and working approach to meet our needs. We also launched on time – no mean feat with a school website, where approvals are often down to a number of people. They also created our new whole school Prospectus which perfectly complements the website and has given us a fresher, more contemporary feel for all our materials. They remain supportive and helpful and I know that I can always call them up for advice or help.

    Alison Miles, Marketing Manager, Sydenham High School
  • We wanted a professional and affordable option to promote and produce a unique patient story here at the Spire Bristol Hospital. The staff at Fat Media managed to compile a fantastic article in what was a relatively short deadline. We would like to thank them all for the personal service which was provided throughout

    Sam Harrison, Marketing Executive, Spire Bristol Hospital

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