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Designing a logo is a highly creative and involved process made up of a number of key elements and design stages. It is a process which requires a thorough understanding of the client, combined with a detailed design brief and an experienced design team in order to create a logo and wider brand identity that will not only reflect the essence of the organisation it represents, but also emotionally connect with its target audience.

Logotypes can be categorised into 5 basic types, all of which our design team are experienced in developing. These are:

Brand Mark
Android, Apple, Nike
The human brain can easily remember a simple form and associate it directly with something else. A strong brand mark can achieve this in a highly memorable and effective way without the need for words.

Word Mark
Google, Facebook, Sky
The word mark is the company or organisation name spelled out in full. Typically, these are seen on technology company logos. From a design perspective, this approach can add a sense of sophistication.

Letter Mark
The letter mark offers an often-distinctive solution if the company name is overly long or doesn’t visually work when spelled out in full.

Combo Mark
Blackberry, Jaguar, Fat Media
The combo mark is the organisation or company name combined with the inclusion of an additional design element. Many combo marks also contain strong brand marks as part of their arrangement.

BMW, Starbucks, Morecambe FC
Emblems may be perceived as brand marks, word marques, letter marks or combo marks. These types of logo typically include the name or initials of the organisation or company, together other design elements to form the overall logo.

Our approach to logo design comprises of the following steps:

1. A design brief is written and briefed into design team
2. The design team will then spend time carrying out their own desk research ahead of identifying design influences and developing initial mood boards and concepts
3. These initial ideas and concepts will then be developed and internally reviewed with the strongest taken forward
4. A single logo design concept will then be developed into a presentation complete with creative inspirations and design rationales. This will include the concept being shown in context e.g. business cards, signage, website header etc.
5. A concept ‘reveal’ meeting will then be arranged for the presentation of the logo design, its influences and rationale via an InVision mood board. This will also provide a platform for discussion around your initial feedback
6. Any final tweaks will then be made as required ahead of final approval
7. Once approved, design files will then be supplied to you in all required file formats covering full colour and monochrome, high and low-res

An example of approach to logo design, can be demonstrated through our work with eco-lodge Gyreum. As 'Ireland's greenest getaway' we needed to create a brand identity which reflected the brands eco-friendly values and credentials, as well as the rural landscape in which it sat. These elements were translated by our design team into a visual identity using a colour palette of earth tones taken from nature, combined with a hand crafted font a logo template using a traditional linocut method.

Gyreum logo design

Find out more about this and any of our other branding services by getting in touch with our brand consultancy team - we can't wait to work with you!

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